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In every community, dedicated insurance agents are among the most important of all businesses. You see, they don't just sell insurance policies, they design insurance programs, tailor made for you as an individual; your family; or your business needs.

Insured’s are seeing increases in their homeowners insurance this year from all of the weather related claims in the last few years due to the filing time with the Dept. of Insurance. Learn more

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Flood Smart

Recent record rain caused flooding across Indiana. Did you know flooding, from an outside water source, is generally not covered by your homeowners insurance?

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Why do I need an umbrella policy?

We have homeowners and auto insurance with $300,000 in liability coverage, but someone suggested that we get a $1-million personal-liability umbrella policy. Why would we need this much coverage?

"As long as you can earn a livelihood, you should have an umbrella liability policy,"says Mitch Freedman, a CPA and personal financial specialist in Westlake Village, Cal.

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Farmers Market

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